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President at the joint meeting of the cabinet and governor generals:

Governor generals symbol of gov’t resolve in provinces/Maintaining peace, hope in society governor generals’ main duty/Bipolar society meaningless in Islamic Iran/Constructive criticism public duty

“One of the main duties of governor generals, as enforcers of the government’s policies, is to maintain hope and peace in the society,” said President Rouhani at the joint session of the Council of Ministers and governor generals.

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Wed 10 - August 2016 - 14:29

Stressing prudence as the main path of governor generals, Dr Rouhani said: “The result of prudence of the government’s high representatives in provinces should be resolving people’s problems”.

He also underlined that governor generals are the symbol of government’s resolve in provinces and added: “Enemies are trying to spread despair in the society and we should be alert about these actions”.

“Sowing discords and bipolarity in the society is to the detriment of the people and bipolar society is meaningless in Islamic Iran. Therefore, it is a duty for all authorities, especially governor generals, to explain the impacts of these issues to the people,” said Rouhani.

He continued: “Iranian people have a single constitution, government and parliament, and above all, the Supreme Leader is the guardian; this is a foundation achieved through the martyrs’ blood and the revolution”.

“Today, not only the countries of the region, but also great countries around the world acknowledge Iran’s constructive and effective role in establishing regional and global peace and stability,” added President.

Highlighting national integrity and unity in Iran, he said: “Constructive criticism is everybody’s duty. All that we are proud of is that we are a revolutionary and Islamic country. Without a doubt, in such a country lies and slander cannot have any relationship with the Islamic system and national interests”.

He also referred to the government’s foreign policy and Iran’s right to enrich uranium and said: “Today, because of attempts made by the government, Iranian nation’s rights are established in the global stage”.

“Despite sharp decline in oil revenues, we witnessed calmness in the market and disinflation,” added Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani also stressed that the judiciary follow up on the negligence resulting in confiscation of Iran’s assets by the U.S.

In reference to the benefits of constructive criticism, he continued: “Government’s firm resolve in addressing unusual payslips and payments is the result of an open atmosphere and constructive criticism”.

“Clarity and preserving people’s rights is one of the principles of the government,” continued the President.

Dr Rouhani also stressed that it is everybody’s duty to use the post-JCPOA opportunities to the benefit of national interests.

Underscoring employment, he said: “Employment is the main responsibility of our authorities and governor generals”.

“The Charter of Citizenship Rights will be announced soon,” President Rouhani said, highlighting: “Defending our citizens’ dignity is one of government’s significant duties”.

news id: 94641

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