President: Iran welcomes enhancing Tehran-London ties/All efforts be directed towards precise implementation of JCPOA

President Rouhani had a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Britain and said that Iran welcomes development of Tehran-London relations.

Tue 09 - August 2016 - 19:01

In this telephone conversation that was initiated by the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May, Dr Rouhani congratulated her on her appointment as the Prime Minister and said that Tehran-London ties in post-JCPOA are positive.

He also expressed hope that financial and banking cooperation be further developed.

Referring to Britain’s role in realisation of the JCPOA, President Rouhani added: “All efforts should be directed towards accelerating full implementation of the JCPOA”.

“Britain should be effective in accelerating this historic deal, just as it was in the process of negotiations,” continued Rouhani.

He then referred to terrorism and added: “Escalation of terrorist activities in the region and the world demands that consultation, coordination and cooperation between all countries be further increased in combating terrorists and Tehran welcomes bolstering consultation with London in this field”.

Dr Rouhani also underscored that regional issues should be settled through negotiation and dialogue.

In this telephone conversation, British PM Theresa May said that her country is determined to develop and deepen ties with Tehran in all fields, adding: “London is doing its utmost to help the implementation of JCPOA and will accelerate this trend”.

Referring to growing Tehran-London ties, she said: “We should be committed to accurate and rapid implementation of the provisions of JCPOA and Britain is active in this fields”.

“London welcomes banking and financial cooperation with Iran and is constantly trying to urge British and European banks to cooperate more with Tehran,” she added.

On terrorism, she said: “In combatting terrorism, we should pay attention to its roots and London welcomes consultations with Iran in this field”.

She then referred to British and Iranian foreign ministers’ attempts to enhance ties between the two countries and continued: “This is a very important step in deepening and developing of relations”.

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