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President at the trilateral meeting of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan:

Iran welcomes initiatives for cooperating with neighbours/Iran-Russia-Azerbaijan interaction a new opportunity for coping with regional challenges/Iran’s principle policy to cooperate for promoting common interests

“The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes any proposal and initiative for boosting interaction and cooperation with its neighbours,” said President Rouhani at the trilateral meeting of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan late on Monday in Baku.

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Dr Rouhani said: “Based on principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy, developing ties with neighbouring countries is a priority for us and Iran welcomes any proposal and initiative for boosting interaction and cooperation with its neighbours”.

“Without a doubt, holding such meetings in the current conditions of the region and the world, relying on good relations among the three countries and the current resolve to deepen and cement ties, is very important” continued Rouhani.

Stressing that Iran holds a win-win approach in its relations with other countries, President Rouhani said: “We believe that in the current conditions of the world, no country can make the best use of opportunities and deal with challenges. Achieving an acceptable level of peace, welfare and development for the people of any country needs interaction and cooperation with other countries, especially neighbouring countries”.

He then referred to cultural and religious commonalities among the three countries and said that these commonalities and historical interests create good opportunities for cementing ties.

“On the other hand, terrorism and extremism, trans-regional powers’ interference in the affairs of countries of the region, political and instrumental use of economic sanctions for advancing political goals, environmental issues and challenges, drugs, separatism, organised crimes, cybercrimes and so on, are common challenges that need to be dealt with through interaction and cooperation among the three countries,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani continued mentioning growing relations between Iran and Azerbaijan and said: “In an attempt to further enhance ties between the two countries, agreements regarding customs, supplying electricity, linking Iran and Azerbaijan railways, rail bridge construction on Astarachay Lake and continuing construction of dams and power plants are among these attempts”.

“Bilateral ties with the Russian Federation has enjoyed a favourable progress during the last two years. Close cooperation and consultation between Iran and Russia on Iran’s nuclear issue, reaching an agreement with 5+1 and JCPOA implementation and also positive and constructive interaction of the two countries in the Syrian crisis are among valuable examples of cooperation between Iran and Russia”.

He also hailed the idea of holding a trilateral meeting and said that such meetings can help the three countries use opportunities to enhance ties in various political, cultural and economic fields and resolve regional challenges through synergy.

“Therefore, I am proud to propose that the next meeting of this high-ranking summit be held in the Islamic Republic of Iran at the level of ministers and officials,” Rouhani continued.

news id: 94608

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