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President in a meeting with clerics and intellectuals of Azerbaijan:

Islam, Quran, Ahl ul-Bayt connect Iranian, Azerbaijani people/Common religion, culture the source of Tehran-Baku trust, cooperation/Sowing discord, terror in the name of Islam aimed at Islamophobia

Islam, Quran and Ahl ul-Bayt connect Iranian and Azerbaijani people with each other, said President Rouhani in a meeting with clerics and intellectuals of Azerbaijan late on Sunday in Baku.

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Sun 07 - August 2016 - 20:16

He added: “Firm bonds between the two nations and governments is because of these commonalities and if it weren’t for these commonalities, no policy could keep these nations together in such a brotherly manner”.

Common religion and culture is the source of Tehran-Baku trust and cooperation, said Dr Rouhani, adding: “Relations of the two governments has been cemented and developed and the two countries’ high-ranking delegations has further contributed to the development of these ties”.

He added that sowing discord and terror in the name of Islam is aimed at fostering Islamophobia. “Unfortunately, enemies of Islam have promoted discords among Muslims through arming terrorist groups under the disguise of Islam”.

Stressing that Islam is the religion of security and brotherhood, he added: “Today Islamic scholars and clerics have a heavy duty to save the society from intellectual deviation and introduce the true face of Islam to the world”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always promoted a moderate face of Islam; an Islam that is the religion of moderation, justice and blessings, helping Muslims and the oppressed,” continued Rouhani.

Referring to ISIS’ terrorist attacks on the innocent people of Iraq, he said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran rushed to help the people of this country from the first day and did not let Baghdad and Erbil fall”.

“We will help Muslims that are faced with terrorists anywhere in the world if they need our help because we consider it our duty to save the Islamic world from this scourge”.

news id: 94584

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