1394 a hard economic year due to plunge in oil prices/Gov’t trying to make 1395 the year of openings/Iran the epicentre of security, safety in the region/Economic signs of recent months indicate path towards 5-percent growth

President Rouhani appeared in a televised interview late on Tuesday and briefed people on the most important political, economic, cultural, regional and international issues.

Wed 03 - August 2016 - 00:06

“1394 was a hard economic year because of plunge in oil prices and the government is trying to make 1395 the year of openings,” said President.

Stating that economic signs of recent months indicate our path towards a 5-percent growth, he also said: “Non-oil exports outpaced imports in the first 5 months of the current year”.

He also referred to attempts made by the armed forces of Iran to establish security in the country and added: “Iran is the epicentre of security and safety in the region”.

“Smuggling of goods has considerably decreased during the past year,” added Dr Rouhani, continuing: “Economic prosperity is beholden to fighting smuggling”.

Referring to the increase in oil production and export in a short time span after the JCPOA has amazed the whole world, Rouhani added: “Today no one can dictate Iran what to do in exporting its oil”.

He added: “JCPOA is a good opportunity for economic development and interaction”.

If the other side kept to its commitments and promises, achievements would be more, said Dr Rouhani, adding: “Some childish neighbouring countries are obstructing JCPOA’s implementation”.

Dr Rouhani added: “U.S House of Representatives is attempting to sabotage the process of JCPOA implementation”.

He went on saying: “As the Supreme Leader said, JCPOA was meant to test U.S”. President also added: “U.S did not fulfil its commitments well and did not use the cooperation opportunity in other fields”.

He also said that the act of bringing up the issue of unusual payslips was a big step in clarity and fighting corruption, and added: “People’s access to information and comprehensive and non-partisan fight against corruption is an essential step”.

“Salaries should be in accordance with the services they provide to the society,” added Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani also said that the government is responsible to support the private sector and continued: “People manage the economy better than everyone else”.

Stressing the need to reform the banking system, he said: “To boost enterprises, banks should be reformed and the aim of the bill of banking system reform is to increase facilities and decrease the interest rates”.

Great steps are being taken in agriculture, said Rouhani, adding: “In the current year, we will not need to import wheat”.

President also said that the government will continue along the path of Resistive Economy policies, with or without JCPOA and added: “40,000 people have been recruited in 2500 knowledge-based companies and the government is aimed at boosting the economy and create jobs for the youth”.

On promotion of sport throughout the society, he said that participation in public sport has been increased from 9% to 21% among people, adding: “I hope we witness our athletes’ success in the Olympics”.

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