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President at the 50th anniversary of NIGC establishment:

JCPOA dignity for Iran/People don’t deserve to be forced to buy any goods with any price/Others dictating Iran in oil export, against dignity/Gov’t supports people’s access to social media

“Others dictating Iran on the matter of exporting its oil is against dignity and JCPOA brought dignity for Iran,” said President Rouhani at the ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the National Iranian Gas Company establishment.

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Mon 01 - August 2016 - 14:56

He also referred to government’s plans to boost gas export to 200 million barrels a day, and added: “Basically, in today’s world, development is related to energy, oil and gas having a fundamental role”.

Referring to measures taken by the enemies of the Iranian nation to limit Iran’s oil exports to affect people’s lives, Dr Rouhani continued: “This indicates that oil export affects people’s lives and welfare and they were imposing sanctions to affect people’s lives”.

“A country’s independence in different dimensions and self-reliance in supplying people’s basic needs is a very important issue,” he said, talking about Iran’s self-reliance and independence in gas and petrol production.

He continued: “Being revolutionary means freedom of people, thought and speech and our people expressing their ideas and criticism about the system and the government’s plans and decisions leads us to feel the beauty of the revolution and freedom not only in real world, but also in the cyber world as well”.

Referring to the government’s attempts in preventing blocking of cyber social media, he said: “This has been one of the important measures of the government to let people have access to the social media and have their say in the country”.

news id: 94505

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