Latest rifts among Muslims made by enemies to foster Islamophobia/Imposed War’s ending marked with authority, honour/Imam Sadiq’s (AS) teachings a description of Prophet Mohammad’s lifestyle

President Rouhani chaired the meeting of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, stating that the latest rifts among Muslims are made by enemies aiming at promoting Islamophobia in the world.

Wed 27 - July 2016 - 08:39

During the meeting that was held late on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani also emphasised Shia-Sunni unity as one of the political principles of the Islamic Revolution.

President Rouhani also referred to the Sacred Defence era and said: “The ending of the Imposed War was marked with authority and honour [for Iran]”.

“While we had accepted the truce, the Ba’athist enemy, who was accompanied by MEK mercenaries, added up to its attacks that led to their defeat in Operation Mersad and the southern part of the country by our worriers’ self-sacrifice,” said the President.

Dr Rouhani also referred to Imam Sadiq’s (AS) teachings and said: “Imam Sadiq’s (AS) teachings are a full description of Prophet Mohammad’s lifestyle”.

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