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President while seeing off Iranian athletes departing for Rio Olympics and Paralympics;

Iranian athletes’ message in Olympics, Paralympics “peace, friendship, coexistence”/Sport the symbol of nations’ strength, activity, exhilaration in international stages/Stressing gov’t support of public, championship sport

President Rouhani attended a ceremony held for seeing off Iranian athletes departing for Rio Olympics and Paralympics and said that Iranian athletes’ success in these games contribute to national pride, as well as hope and exhilaration in the society

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Wed 20 - July 2016 - 23:08

He also stated that Iranian athletes’ message in Olympics and Paralympics to the world is “peace, friendship and coexistence”.

“Iranian nation are seeing off these athletes with their heart and prayer,” continued Rouhani.

Stressing that the government will continue supporting public and championship sport in the country, Dr Rouhani said: “Fortunately there is a new record in the number of Iranian athletes’ attending Olympics and Paralympics and this a great success for our dear athletes”.

He went on saying: “Sport is the symbol of a nation’s strength, activity and exhilaration in international stages”.

“The biggest cruelty towards people is promoting despair of future in them and the biggest service comes from those who are giving people hope in words and in action,” said Rouhani, stressing that success is not possible without hope and exhilaration.

The President added: “Iran is the most secure, most integrated country compared to most countries in the region and the world”.

Slamming efforts by those who are trying to sow discord among the Iranian nation, he said: “Our nation is vigilant and is integrated and united in achieving its ideals and wishes”.

news id: 94443

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