Municipalities’ reliance on density surplus as detrimental as the country’s reliance on oil income/To achieve sustainable peace, cultural variation must be acknowledged/Stressing role of e-cities for ensuring administrative health

Today, town and village councils can be a better way for development and management of cities in Iran with regard to climatic and cultural characteristics of our country, as well as global civilisation, said President Rouhani while addressing 1st World Conference of Councils and Mayors 2016.

Wed 20 - July 2016 - 12:17

“Connection among cities across the world can strengthen emotional, cultural, economic, social, scientific and management bonds among nations and governments,” added Rouhani.

Referring to communication equipment and cyber networks as facilitators of communication among people throughout the world, he said: “We should acknowledge cultural variations and mutual understanding of different nations”.

“To stay away from violence, extremism and terrorism and reach sustainable development in the world, patience and respecting other cultures need to be increased”.

Mentioning the great Prophet of Islam’s rule which began by alliance with tribes, he said: “Despite what others talk of Islam, the foundation of Islamic governance is based on people’s votes and the constitution of our country stems from this religious and Islamic thought”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to two bills being drafted by the government to be submitted to the parliament, namely the bill of sustainable income for municipalities across the country, and the bill of urban management system.

“Municipalities’ reliance on selling the density surplus is as detrimental as the country’s reliance on oil income,” said the President underscoring that these incomes and budgets should be managed to be separated from each other.

Emphasising the need to pay special attention to the environment, he added: “Today, environment is a must for life and if sustainable development is not accompanied by environmental attachments, people’s lives and health cannot be guaranteed”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to measures taken by the government in various fields such as reviving Urmia Lake, increasing Euro-4 petrol production, as well as increasing gas production in order to decrease air pollution.

“In environmental issues, there are very important steps that should be taken, the most important of them being attraction of investment, technology and management,” he added.

Stressing role of e-cities for ensuring administrative health, he continued: “Most of travels and commutes and standing in long queues can be replaced by Internet systems and the government has done a lot to broaden the bandwidth in cities and even villages”.

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