Gov’t plans to revolutionise Kermanshah/Economic boom, employment top gov’t priorities

Mentioning that 45 plans and projects will be launched in Kermanshah province over current and next year, President Rouhani said: “Government plans will revolutionise Kermanshah”.

Mon 18 - July 2016 - 09:03

“The government has allocated $2 billion in water management for Kermanshah and this will revolutionise agriculture in this province,” said President in a press conference late on Sunday at the end of his visit to Kermanshah.

He also underscored boosting tourism as a factor that can boost employment in the country and described banking facilities, entrepreneurs’ investment, roads and airports as key factors in doing so.

“Kermanshah will be a petrochemical hub that can provide employment for the young population of the province, especially in downstream industries,” added Rouhani.

He also referred to 2500 knowledge-based companies being supported by the government and added: “With regard to universities and talented youth in this province, we can witness growth in modern technology”.

In response to a question about government plans to solve the issue of unemployment in the province, Dr Rouhani said: “Everybody should try to elevate the figures in this province to average figures of the country and we can do so by cooperation between the government and elites and entrepreneurs”.

He continued: “Economic boom and employment are government’s top priorities that can be achieved with people’s contribution”.

President also expressed hope that the needed infrastructures and also improvement of security in neighbouring countries, especially Iraq, tourism improves in the province.

Referring to government plans in attracting domestic and foreign investment, he also said: “Lift of unjust sanctions was the first and great step taken by the government in achieving this goal”. He also referred to reforms in banking system as another factor helping the realisation of this issue.

“The plan of free economic zone in the province will be discussed and reviewed by the Supreme Council of Free Zones and also the Council of Ministers,” Dr Rouhani said in response to a question about government plans for Qasr-e Shirin Free Zone.

With regard to railway development plans, he also said that five provinces are on the agenda and one of the government’s chief programs in this trip was connecting Malayer to Kermanshah through railway and then to neighbouring countries.

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