We aim for 5% growth in 1395/Political competition essential, not to harm national interests/Employment not possible through inflated gov’t; rather economic boost/Completing transit capacities, west railway essential, strategic

Political competition is essential but it should not harm national interests, said President Rouhani at the session of Administrative Council of Kermanshah province.

Mon 18 - July 2016 - 08:45

“Security, Supreme Leader’s guidance and like-mindedness among the three branches are great blessings that we should be grateful of,” said President Rouhani late on Sunday.

He also underscored the need for unity, empathy and integrity for the development of the country and preserving national interests and goals and added: “Today we need to use domestic resources and unity, integrity, security, empathy among the three branches and Supreme Leader’s guidance to progress the country towards growing development”.

Kermanshah is the land of culture and bravery, said President Rouhani and added: “Completing transit capacities and west railway are essential and strategic”.

“While some oil exporters are facing with 3-digit inflation, we managed to decrease our inflation to a single-digit figure,” continued Dr Rouhani.

“Today we need Jihad in various economic, employment and cultural fields,” he said, adding: “Employment is not possible through inflated government; but rather through economic boost”.

Stressing that “the investment-technology-production-market chain should be completed”, he went on saying: “Government will not wait for foreign investment; banking system and their facility capacities will be reformed”.

He continued: “We managed to keep inflation under control and increased growth rate before resolving the nuclear issue”. He also said: “We have aimed for 5% growth in 1395”.

“All 3 branches and also institutions should emphasise economic boom in words and in action,” added President Rouhani.

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