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President addressing the bumper crowd of people in Kermanshah:

Kermanshah was invincible stronghold during Sacred Defence/Era of coups, imposing mortars, tanks on people over/We will overcome issues under Supreme Leader’s flag/All branches, supervisory bodies should carry out duties precisely, in time

“There is no way other than Resistive Economy to progress and we need to prepare conditions of our country for work and economic activity more than before,” said President Rouhani addressing the bumper crowd of people in Kermanshah on Sunday.

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Sun 17 - July 2016 - 12:55

“The only skill some talkative minorities have is imposing the sense of despair on the society,” added Rouhani, stressing that they do not see Iranian nation’s progress and development.

He added: “Some are worried about deterring those who are stealing people’s properties and misusing sanctions from doing so”.

Stressing that “people are waiting for their assets, which were plundered under the pretext of sanctions, to come back”, he continued: “I call on the judiciary branch to not let those who are abusing people’s assets to do so, because people are waiting for the final verdict”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the payslip issues and said “clarity is the way to solve issues”, adding: “All branches and supervisory bodies should carry out their responsibilities precisely and in time”.

“We should not attribute violations of the law by a handful of managers to all conscientious ones,” continued the President.

“We will stop the issue of unusual payments through prompt actions and regulations”, added Dr Rouhani.

The payslip issue will not fade billion-dollar thefts away, said Rouhani adding: “People will not forget the negligence that led to $2 billion of nation’s assets seized by the US”.

“The era of coups and imposing mortars and tanks on people is over”, added the President, continuing: “Today is the day when only the ballot box can solve issues and problems in countries of the region, including Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen”.

He continued: “Unfortunately, we have both child-killer and childish regimes in the region. There are still childish regimes that are following the scourge terrorism and there are others that are killing innocent Yemeni people with their warplanes”.

“Iranian nation is at the forefront of combatting killers and terrorists in the whole region,” continued Rouhani, stressing that issues of the region are able to be settled through unity and integrity and under the flag of Islam.

He also said that $800 million has been allocated for water management in Kermanshah province, underscoring: “We need local actions and regional cooperation to solve environmental issues and dust”.

“The government, which decreased inflation to a single-digit figure, will bring prosperity back with people’s help”.

He added: “Unemployment, stagnation and environmental issues are the country’s current priorities".

Railway will reach Kermanshah by the end of the current government, said Rouhani, adding: “The 11th government has allocated the highest investment rate for controlling water and boosting agriculture and animal husbandry”.

He added: “All ethnicities, religions and nomads of Kermanshah are holding the flag of unity,” mentioning that Kermanshah is the ancient heart of Silk Road, the land of heroes and kind, generous people.

“Kermanshah was the invincible stronghold of the country during Sacred Defence,” continued Rouhani: “Kermanshah was the land where the enemy and its mercenaries were brought to their knees”.

Dr Rouhani went on saying: “Courageous Army, IRGC, Basij and Police are the guardians of Iran’s security and safety”. He added: “The western part of our land has witnessed bravery of courageous Kermanshahi nomads and tribes”.

news id: 94353

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