Iran committed to nuclear vows/If 5+1 wriggles out of commitments, we will reach desired point in short term/JCPOA beneficial to global stability, development/Tapping JCPOA opportunities needs unity, synergy

The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to its vows in the nuclear deal, said President Rouhani in the regular cabinet session, commemorating the anniversary of the nuclear deal with 5+1.

Wed 13 - July 2016 - 15:22

“If 5+1 wriggles out of its commitments, we are completely ready and capable to reach our desired point in a short time span,” said President Rouhani on Wednesday.

He added: “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is beneficial to all countries and promotes global peace, security, stability and development; violating it will be detrimental to all and anyone who starts this, will be a loser in international stage”.

“It is essential that everybody makes efforts according to national interests, rationality and in executing and reinforcing JCPOA, as well as its utilisation publically in the region and the world”.

Stressing that “tapping JCPOA opportunities needs unity and synergy”, he also added: “We should use this opportunity for the development of the country and youth employment”.

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