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President Rouhani at a meeting with Bulgarian PM:

Iran ready to open new chapter in Tehran-Sofia ties/Bulgaria can be Iran’s gate to Euro countries

Tehran welcomes development of ties with Sofia and is ready to open a new chapter in Tehran-Sofia relations, said President Rouhani at a meeting with Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borissov.

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Tue 12 - July 2016 - 00:15

“Deep bonds between the two nations and their demand for development of comprehensive cooperation between Iran and Bulgaria has laid the groundwork for the two governments to make more efforts in doing so,” added the President on Monday.

Referring to foundations for energy cooperation, he also said: “As a friend country, Bulgaria can be one of Iran’s gates to European countries in all fields”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has had great achievements in modern technologies and development of cooperation in this field can contribute to scientific and technological growth of the two countries, as well as other fields”.

On terrorism and its root causes, Dr Rouhani said: “Different religions and ethnicities had been living with each other in peace for centuries in countries of the region that are now struggling with terrorism and bloody disputes. Conflicts began when some others interfered in internal affairs of the countries of the region while chanting beautiful slogans such as democracy and combating terrorism”.

“The U.S. and its allies made a mistake by their undue interference in the region, but today the whole region should pay for their mistakes,” added Rouhani, stressing that all countries of the region should be united to combat terrorism and bring peace and stability back to the region.

During the same meeting, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria said that Sofia is determined to develop comprehensive cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“Bulgaria can be a gate for Iran to enter Europe’s market with a population of 550 million and we want relations between the two countries to develop to an exemplary level,” added Borissov.

Referring to deep bonds between the two nations and his accompanying economic delegation, he also said: “Groundwork is ready for development of Tehran-Sofia economic ties”.

news id: 94277

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