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President at gov’t economic session:

Supporting banks to provide facilities to manufacturing firms the top goal/Gov’t paying debts to contractors through securities ensures economic growth/Gov’t committed to realise paragraphs 9, 19 of Resistive Economy

Government is implementing Banking System Reform Plan in the current year as the most important financial and monetary package aimed at creating economic prosperity, announced President Rouhani in response to national economic needs and creating stability in the country’s economy underscored in Resistive Economy policies.

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Sun 10 - July 2016 - 11:40

Supporting banks in providing facilities to manufacturing firms is the most important aim of the Banking System Reform Plan, said President Rouhani at the session of government’s economic headquarter on Sunday.

“Paying off government’s debts to contractors through securities will guarantee economic prosperity,” continued Rouhani.

Mentioning that Banking System Reform Plan is the beginning of a significant process in monetary discipline, government’s financial statement, and transparency and regulation of government’s debts he said: “In this way, previous complexities in these three issues will be addressed”.

He also said that Iran’s economy is a banking-oriented one and expressed hope that it gradually turns into an investment-oriented economy and added: “Clarity in relationship between the government and banks increases trust level”.

Referring to the lack of clarity on the amount of government’s debts to banks and contractors, he went on saying: “Clarity of government’s debts and how these debts should be settled was essential. In doing so, the government is in pursuit of issuing Islamic financial securities”.

“Through issuing these securities, government is taking a big step. These securities will be one of the most authentic securities in the country and the Management and Planning Organisation should act in a way that the commissions of these securities are paid on time and be sold in the market as the most authentic ones,” continued Dr Rouhani.

President also referred to the latest bill submitted to the parliament regarding the banking system and added: “By adopting and implementing this bill, banks will be strengthened, government will be turned into a debtor that pays its debts in time and financial securities will result in economic prosperity”.

“Government is committed to help realisation of paragraphs 9 and 19 of Resistive Economy policies,” continued Rouhani.

news id: 94249

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