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President at an Eid meeting with Supreme Leader:

Islamic Republic of Iran to defend holy shrines with all power/Gov’t following payslip issues with other branches’ help/We will reform administrative system with people, leader’s support

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will not turn a blind eye to the issues around the world and will not stand idly by, helping the oppressed and defending the holy shrines, and is proud of this,” said President Rouhani in Supreme Leader’s meeting with authorities of the country and ambassadors of Islamic countries.

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Wed 06 - July 2016 - 14:40

“Unfortunately, we are facing with killings and displacement in many Islamic countries,” said President on Wednesday.

People in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other Islamic countries are mourning the death of their beloved ones while they should enjoy Eid Al-Fitr with smiling lips, continued Rouhani.

He added: “Today it should have become clear for the heads of all Islamic countries, even those who have been in state of negligence, that terror and terrorism knows no certain boundary and nation and those who think fleetingly and wanted to use some groups as means should have understood that terrorism is a threat to the whole Islamic world”.

Dr Rouhani also expressed hope to see those countries form a real coalition to eradicate terrorism throughout the Islamic world.

Referring to unusual payslips, the President said: “The government, along with the other two branches, is determined to address the issue along the path of justice and the law, as stressed by the Supreme Leader, with other two branches’ help”.

He also mentioned that “the government is carrying out prompt measures and will draft and submit a bill to the parliament in this regard”.

“We will reform the administrative system with people and Supreme Leader’s support,” continued President.

He also congratulated Eid Al-Fitr to all Muslims around the globe, ambassadors of Islamic countries, especially the Iranian nation and the Supreme Leader.

news id: 94225

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