President: Iran’s principle policy to fully support Afghanistan’s central gov’t/Terrorist groups a threat to the whole region

Iran’s principle policy is to fully support Afghanistan’s central government and we consider terrorist and extremist groups not only a threat to the friend country of Afghanistan, but also to the whole region, said President Rouhani in a telephone conversation with his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani.

Tue 05 - July 2016 - 15:16

“It is the Iranian nation and government’s wish to see a stable and fully secured Afghanistan, which is dynamic in economy, and everyone should join hands for the stability of the National Unity Government of Afghanistan,” said President Rouhani on Tuesday, while congratulating Eid Al-Fitr to him.

On terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Dr Rouhani also said: “I hope terrorist groups understand that their path is incorrect and they are betraying the good people of Afghanistan and the region and that Islam has invited all to be brothers and considers bloodshed the biggest human crime”.

He also referred to the joint commission between the two countries and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to develop Tehran-Kabul ties and activating this joint commission can play a significant role in doing so”.

During the telephone conversation President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani congratulated Eid Al-Fitr to President Rouhani and said: “Afghanistan is determined to develop and deepen ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran in all fields”.

He also referred to the latest bilateral and trilateral agreements among Iran, Afghanistan and India in the field of transit and trade investment.

Ashraf Ghani also gave a report on the latest developments in Afghanistan and its fight against terrorist groups.

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