Public opinion, media sensitiveness praiseworthy/Gov’t to use the opportunity to organise ‘Information Transparency System’/We will continue to fight corruption in administrative system/Organs to be obliged to publish min, max salaries of managers

The sensitiveness of the public opinion and the media about the unusual payments is praiseworthy and the government will use this opportunity to organise ‘Information Transparency System’, wrote President Rouhani in a statement to the people of Iran issued on Monday.

Tue 05 - July 2016 - 00:37

President Rouhani’s statement is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Noble Iranian nation

It has been for weeks that the issue of unusual payments and unfair salaries has offended national conscience and people’s feelings. This issue is painful to me in that, despite how it is done and its aspects and bases, can loosen close and deep bonds between the government and the people, as well as glimmers of hope in the society, and God forbid, undermine firm bonds between people and the political system. In this regard, as soon as the issue and sensitiveness was raised, regardless of the difference between rightful social demands and some political animosity, I ordered formation of a special committee presided by the First Vice-President for three reasons:

  1. Probing into the causes and identifying cases of violation and misuse;
  2. Carrying out decisive measures regarding the process of refunds and deposition of the offending managers;
  3. Making necessary decisions aiming at changing the laws and executive regulations;

He was also tasked to report the measures taken. Today I received the report on the decisions and measures of the committee from the First Vice-President. I thank his efforts and feel obliged to inform you the results.

Referring to the shortcomings and ineffectiveness of previous policies, this report stipulates that the law of harmonised system of payments of government employees –approved in 1370- and Countrywide Services Management Law –approved in 1386- are two key factors in legal loopholes in the past and present. I have fully understood that a defective structural legacy, lack of attention or imprecise implication of law, negligence and not paying enough attention to the issue by supervisory and regulatory institutions, and approval of Countrywide Services Management Law in 1386, as well as its hasty and incomplete implementation in 1388, which issued a uniformed decree for all executive organs that has obvious differences, resulted in exclusion of most organs and then ordering all organs, regardless of whether they were or were not subject to the law, to coordinate with the Council of Salaries and Payments for all payments and caused a new legal indiscipline and chaos in the council, the results of which are still standing.

  1. Alertness of people and praiseworthy sensitiveness of public opinion about the unusual payments, as well as free expression of opinions in public, cyberspace and the media is a valuable asset that I respect and attempt to deepen fighting corruption and rent seeking in administrative and economic system of the country with your help and support, stressing that in doing so, I have no brotherhood bonds with anybody and I will uproot this source of evil from the sacred realm of serving the country. In this respect, with regard to shortcomings in the past, the government welcomes this opportunity, and in addition to urgent measures to stop the wrong actions and make necessary decisions, it will take steps in making fundamental reform to the unwholesome regulations that have ingrained in the public institutions for years.
  2. I have ordered ministers to exercise utmost care regarding any kind of payment, especially salaries and bonuses that are paid from the public money which includes the whole budget of the country and all public resources, to stop the deep roots of financial indiscipline and rent seeking, in order not to let violations be justified. All government officials and managers of non-governmental public institutions, as well as supervisory institutions are responsible in doing so, with regard to their areas of activity.
  3. Ministers, deputies, authorities and managers of the executive, legislative and judicial branches and all institutions that are using the public money in any kind, are responsible in exercising precision and supervising their subdivisions; they are also required to implement necessary measures regarding reformation of their administrative system and clarify their decisions. Therefore, it is essential that in addition to precise implementation of the executive regulations of the 1395 budget, that stresses preventing beneficiaries to make decisions and prohibits managers and employees from having two jobs at the same time, if there is a need for other regulations, they immediately propose them to the government for approval.
  4. I have required the cabinet and the ministers to, in addition to measures promptly taken in ministries and banks, review, reform and implement similar cases in all executive organs. From that date on, all organs are required to publish salaries and bonuses of all authorities in the form of minimum and maximum payments on the website of the ministry or the organisation, as well as the website of Management and Planning Organisation in a monthly manner for the public to become aware of them.
  1. All administrative organs, especially those state-run companies and banks that establish or register companies or similar cases in and outside the country to carry out their legal duties, must refrain from choosing staff managers as a member of the managing board in any case, and in urgent cases that they are appointed by the highest ranking official of the organ, they are not subject to any kind of salary or bonus.
  2. The Council of Salary and Wage, which is legally responsible to probe into and make decisions on salaries and bonuses, is required to probe into all payment systems of the organs that are and are not subject to the Countrywide Services Management Law and harmonise payments justly. Considering that in 1395 payments not authorised by the Council of Salary and Wage has been announced forbidden throughout the country, all organs are required to inform the council about their payments and receive its approval, even if they act based on different laws.
  3. In order to unify legal system of the payments and remove any kind of gap or legal ambiguity, the government will urgently draft and approve the respective bill and submit it to the parliament.
  4. I urge the related organs, press and mass media to inform the public opinion of cases that have been raised under the title of payslips or unusual payments but do not have offending nature, in order not to prevent the government from carrying out its justice-seeking measures and make sure that punishing offenders does not lead to ingratitude towards hard-working employees and managers of the country who are serving people.
  5. The government will use this opportunity to organise ‘Information Transparency System’ in public resources and expenditures and accelerate implementation of the act of free access to and dissemination of information in order to let people, who are the main beneficiaries of the public capitals and resources, monitor their own affairs of property and ensure the health and firmness of the political system though advising the people in charge.

Ministers and the officials of the executive organs are required to report the take measures required in the report of the special committee and report the results. The First Vice-President will supervise the speed and accuracy of the measures.

We are grateful of the Almighty God that gave the government the opportunity to reform the payment system and undo the tangled knot that was left behind from old days to renew its commitment with the people.

Hassan Rouhani

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