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President at an Iftar dinner ceremony with those involved in JCPOA:

JCPOA cheapest way to reach goals, serve Iran’s interests/JCPOA would have been impossible without leader’s support, guidance

JCPOA was the cheapest way for us to reach the goals and serve the interests of our country, said President Rouhani at an Iftar dinner ceremony with those involved in JCPOA.

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Sat 02 - July 2016 - 23:52

“There is no doubt that if we did not have Supreme Leader’s guidance and support, we would have faced difficulties in advancing the JCPOA,” said Rouhani late on Saturday.

Referring to attempts made by the Supreme Council of National Security and the Majlis in the process, he also said: “This great job was done together and it was to the benefit of everyone to join. Doubts and concerns were voiced where necessary, and this was very important”.

Stating that the pre-JCPOA era has ended, Dr Rouhani added: “It is about time that the mass media, government, the parliament and all those who care ponder the ways to make the best use of post-JCPOA to the benefit of the national interests”.

We have no way other than unity and integrity, said Rouhani, adding: “JCPOA had and has opponents, not only in the US, Europe and the region, but also among some close countries who are wrongly concerned about Iran’s power; they are actively working against JCPOA and we should protect this achievement and do not provide the enemies with excuses”.

Criticising unnecessary slogans in the country, he also said: “Shouting does not serve our national interests; what increases our national power is promoting defensive power, advancing Resistive Economy policies, the 20-Year Perspective Document, defence research and capital attraction”.

On the attempts by the government to confront Iranophobia, President Rouhani said: “In return, we tried to tell the world that interaction with Iran is beneficial to all; Iran is not a threat and is not seeking nuclear weapons”.

“Creating jobs for the youth, economic growth and using shared oil and gas resources are among the goals of the JCPOA”.

He continued: “The media did a great job informing people on JCPOA and should continue to do so”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned the long process of the nuclear negotiations and said: “In its real sense, negotiation means that the negotiating parties take certain and mutual steps in reaching the determined goals and aims”.

“Of course, the economy should not rely on a single product and be oil-dependent; but rather we should consider that we need a long-term plan to save the economy from an oil-dependent one,” he added.

Rouhani also stressed that in order to end the dilemma, the negotiations had to be approached through a win-win strategy.

“Within the framework of the negotiations, and eventually JCPOA, we reached a deal that solved the very complicated issue of PMD”.

He went on saying: “Today, the nuclear rights of Iran, which was people’s demand, has been established in a way that we are selling UF6 and heavy water and buying yellowcake”.

news id: 94169

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