Cultural, art groups at the forefront of introducing Iranian culture to world/Gov’t supports culture, art/Global achievements of Iranian cinema, music national pride/Creative art needs freedom, security

“The government supports and stands by cultural and art groups,” said President Rouhani at an Iftar dinner ceremony with cultural and art groups on Thursday.

Thu 30 - June 2016 - 23:10

“Artists and cultural and art groups are at the forefront of introducing Iranian culture and civilisation to the world and we all should join hands in efforts for making a more powerful, developed and pride Iran,” added Rouhani.

He continued: “Culture and art are major contributors to help us display our power before other powers”.

Stressing the role of artists in confronting Iranophobia in the world, President also said: “Some are trying to frighten the world away from Iran and the Iranians; therefore, culture and art is a soft power that can foil this plot and show the true face of the civilised Iran to the world”.

He also said: “Global achievements of the Iranian cinema and music are a matter of national pride. The whole Iranian nation have common goals, wishes and problems and we should join hands in realising these goals and wishes and solving the problems”.

“Today, we can interact with the world and use regional and global opportunities, only if we display the true and real face of the culture of this land”.

He added: “We can settle complicated issues in the world and tell the world that Iranophobia has been incorrect and interaction with Iran is beneficial to the region and the world”.

“Today artists can contribute to reducing social harms and lead the Iranian youth through the path of saving the country”.

Dr Rouhani also underscored that the law should be the criterion and added: “If law is the criterion and tastes do not meddle with the way and quality of life, then we can have creative art”.

On the importance of full freedom and security in creative art, he said: “One cannot draw good paintings with shaking hands”.

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