Educated youth biggest asset for country/Don’t fear and withdraw; we are victorious eventually

“The educated young population is the biggest asset for the country and generate hope for today and tomorrow,” said President Rouhani at an Iftar dinner ceremony with students and the youth.

Thu 30 - June 2016 - 01:02

“To pass the issues and problems, we should maintain hope and exhilaration in the society and do not let those who are thinking the other way to promote despair in the society,” said President Rouhani late on Wednesday.

“Through promotion of hope in the society, we are witnessing that the intellectual elite are coming back to Iran and this trend will gain momentum in the near future,” added Dr Rouhani.

Stressing the need to strengthen relations between Iranian intellectual elites both inside and outside the country, he added: “Educated Iranians outside the country love their countries as well”.

He also urged all elites to come back to the country and said: “The conditions outside the country may seem to be better but we should endure difficulties for the sake of our country”.

We have 4.8 million university students in the country, 18.8% of them studying in higher education and this is a great asset for the country, continued Rouhani.

Stressing that the conditions are better in the country compared to three years before, he also said: “In modern agriculture and development of small and medium industries big steps have been taken, although we still have a long way to reach the ultimate goal”.

“In making amendments banking regulations, today I signed and notified the regulations that were worked on for a year. We will also submit a bill to the parliament soon in this regard,” added Dr Rouhani.

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