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President at an Iftar dinner ceremony with armed forces’ commanders:

High motivation, popularity, spiritual leadership, experience; features of Iran armed forces/We don’t seek invasion, but determined in defence/Gov’t fully supports armed forces

Describing the armed forces’ high motivation, popularity, spiritual leadership and experience as its four features, President Rouhani said late on Tuesday: “Iranian armed forces have never sought to violate others’ rights but are determined in defending the country with full power”.

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Tue 28 - June 2016 - 23:14

“The Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces have always stood up against enemies and will always keep their readiness,” continued Dr Rouhani at an Iftar dinner ceremony with armed forces’ commanders.

Stressing popularity of the armed forces, he also said: “Our people are responsible and thankful and know that the country’s security in an insecure region is due to the armed forces’ resistance, readiness and strength; no armed forces in the world is as popular as ours”.

Emphasising that the armed forces are experienced, Dr Rouhani also said: “There are few countries in the world, armed forces of which have brought such honours in an 8-year war”.

“Today our army, IRGC, police and Basij forces are in harmony with each other and the great national honour is that the commands of the armed forces’ commander is not just military, but rather has religious, Islamic and spiritual aspects,” continued the President.

“I guarantee that the 11th government will always stand by the armed forces and will do its utmost to further strengthen and equip the country’s defensive capabilities,” added Rouhani.

He also went on saying that ensuring the security of the region is stressed by the Islamic Republic of Iran based on its peoples’ wishes and said: “We are combatting groups that do not favour security in the region and are seeking to promote instability. We do not intend to meddle in any country’s internal affairs and will not let others meddle; the people of the region should be able to decide for their countries”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is after having close relations with all its neighbouring countries and we do not favour tensions with any of the neighbours”.

news id: 94107

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