We should be thankful of judiciary, authorities, judges for security/Ensuring security possible through impartial, knowledgeable, efficient judiciary

We should be thankful of the judiciary, its authorities and the judges for providing security for the country, said President Rouhani at a ceremony marking the Week of the Judiciary, adding: “Security will not be ensured in a country unless its people are under the shelter of an impartial, knowledgeable and efficient judiciary”.

Tue 28 - June 2016 - 11:58

“Today we need a powerful, up-to-date and agile judiciary which can be a shelter for the people of our land and our people’s current peace is due to the presence of a mighty judiciary,” added Dr Rouhani on Tuesday.

He continued: “The current trend of investment and economic activity by individuals and foreign investors in the country is due to their trust in a wholesome and just judiciary”.

“The judiciary should be trusted by people in the society; the more people trust the judiciary, the more judicial security that society will have,” said the President.

On the importance of clarity of judicial activities for the people, he also said: “People want to know how the judiciary punished those who stormed an embassy, violating the law and public security”.

“Such as punishment means that a country is responsible for the security of foreign embassies and if people are fully aware of these kinds of issues, their trust and global trust in our country’s judiciary will be more respectably,” added the President.

He went on saying: “What is important to the people, is not just settling a case, but rather addressing questions in people’s minds; therefore, our judiciary should both settle the case and address the questions in people’s minds clearly”.

Stressing that people should feel they are respected and esteemed and their rights are being respected, he added: “One of the responsibilities of the judiciary, which has been stipulated in the constitution, is reserving the public’s rights and spreading justice and freedom”.

Rouhani also referred to the current state of affairs in the country that needs a big economic movement for prosperity and youth employment and said: “If we want to prevent crime, one of its key factors is elimination of stagnation and unemployment because unemployment is the source of many issues in the society”.

Describing JCPOA and nuclear negotiations as a means for creating good conditions and economic prosperity and employment, Dr Rouhani also said: “Today, reaching this goal is easier than yesterday, but, without a doubt, the executive branch will not be able to accomplish this goal without the judiciary branch’s support”.

On the need for the two branches to work closer together in harmony, he continued: “Today we need the judiciary to strongly support the executive branch for a big movement in economic sector of the country”.

He also referred to recent revelations of high salaries and said: “If we are seeking to have a healthy economy, prosperity, growth and employment, we need to seriously fight rent-seeking and corruption”.

Stating that although figures show that we are having a downward trend in the amount of smuggled goods, Dr Rouhani said: “But even these low figures are not acceptable in this regard”.

Commemorating Ayatollah Beheshti, he said: “Martyr Ayatollah Beheshti was a prominent figure in the history of the clergy and the great architect of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the judiciary, as well as the founder of modern Islamic judiciary after the victory of the Islamic Revolution”.

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