Iran’s power, respect possible through national production, youth employment/Gov’t attempting to unify forex rate/Stressing boost in non-oil exports, achieving fixed target markets

Iran’s power, greatness and respect is possible through national production and youth employment, said President Rouhani at an Iftar ceremony with business leaders on Saturday, stressing that everybody, especially those who are active in economic affairs, should attempt to boost national production.

Sat 25 - June 2016 - 23:42

Stressing government’s firm resolve to create jobs, he said: “Unemployment is the source of all issues in the society”.

“During the last three years, some 450,000 of net employment has been created annually, and of course, we are far from achieving a desirable figure,” added Dr Rouhani.

He also said that the government is attempting to provide facilities for entrepreneurs through removing the obstacles in administrative, banking and insurance affair and requirements.

Non-oil exports should rise and fixed target markets should be achieved, said President, adding: “Entrepreneurs and the private sector can be a driving force for non-oil exports of the country”.

“We should still attempt to improve business atmosphere, since this contributes to attracting investment, and boosting national production and creating jobs for the youth will gain momentum through capital and financial resources”.

Stressing the role of banks in increasing national production, he said: “Unless banks make a move and balance loan interests, issues regarding national production and creating jobs will not be solved”.

On the significant downward trend in inflation rate, Dr Rouhani said: “Due to the single-digit inflation rate that has been achieved, investors are no longer worried about this issue and we should also try to achieve a unified foreign exchange rate”.

He also referred to the government’s plans to make amendments to the budget bill and added: “We will soon submit a bill to the parliament in this regard”.

“The powerful engine of the non-governmental sector can move the economy and the society,” added President, continuing: “The government has put all its effort on decreasing cumbersome regulations”.

Dr Rouhani also condoled Imam Ali’s (AS) martyrdom and said: “I hope we can make good decisions for the country during these days”.

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