Hope, prudence, moderation the way to save country/Executive officials should fasten seat belts tighter for the next 14 months/Economic market stability, JCPOA, Healthcare Reform Plan gov’t 3 great achievements

“The government has put the country on the right track through hope, prudence and moderation and will continue to do so,” said President Rouhani at an Iftar ceremony with ministers, governor generals and heads of organisations.

Thu 23 - June 2016 - 22:36

Executive officials should fasten seat belts tighter for the next 14 months, he said late on Thursday, adding: “What has been done during the last 33 months was difficult to believe for not only the opposition, but also our friends”.

“Stability in the economic market, JCPOA and the Healthcare Reform Plan were three achievements of the government and no one can deny that,” added Rouhani.

Describing the opportunity to serve people as a good luck for the executive officials, Dr Rouhani said: “This opportunity is not permanent, but rather transitory and we should seize it and do not lose it”.

He also stressed that authorities should exercise moderation and said: “Radicalism causes misfortune in the country, destroys the opportunities and our relations with the world”.

 Stating that late Imam Khomeini (RA) chose moderation during the Islamic Revolution, President said: “Turning people against oneself is not a skill; but rather attracting the opposing line and digesting them in the Revolution is considered a skill”.

On JCPOA, he said: “JCPOA is a big victory for us in foreign policy and no one can ignore it because it is a light that was realised through unity, resistance and people’s efforts, as well as the Supreme Leader’s guidance and our seasoned experts”.

The President also underscored that no one, neither from inside nor from outside the country, can undermine the firm foundations of the JCPOA.

The government wholeheartedly believes in the policies of Resistive Economy, said Rouhani adding: “We should implement the entire 24 paragraphs of the policies of Resistive Economy and we will put a big economic move into action in the current year”.

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