Let's turn political competition into friendship to solve country's issues/Domestic consensus, integrity a must

Calling on all factions and political groups to foster integrity and unity, President Rouhani said late on Monday: "Political competition should be turned into friendship to solve the country's issues and problems".

Tue 21 - June 2016 - 00:21

"In and Islamic society, observing political manners is of the essence and if we did not win an election, we should act like a hero," added Rouhani at an Iftar ceremony with political activists.

Enemies are the only winners of the possible disagreements, said Dr Rouhani, adding: "We should move towards a consensus and alleviate possible discords in a healthy political competition, contributing to the country's development and strength".

He added: "Politics means achieving collective benefits to solve the issues of the country and in doing so, we should be kinder to one another".

Differentiating between criticising and undermining, he said: "All parties and factions in the country should follow unity and joint effort to alleviate the problems of the country".

He also stressed that the current government is a non-partisan one and said: "From my first day in office, I have been trying to gather representatives of all factions with different mindsets around the table of the government and encourage them to make attempts for the country's prosperity".

President Rouhani also suggested all factions and political groups to hold monthly meetings to present solutions to the key issues of the country.

"Today, based on the latest figures published, inflation rate has dropped to a single-digit figure and this was one of the wishes of the government that the Supreme Leader underscored".

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