No partisan, factional interests in national affairs/Strengthening gov’t-media relations necessary

Stressing the role of media in fostering hope in the society, Dr Rouhani said: “There is faction and party in all parts of the world, but when it comes to national affairs, there are no partisan and factional interests in place”.

Sun 19 - June 2016 - 07:23

“Current peace and stability in the society and the achievements are beholden to this hope and peace of the people,” continued Rouhani at an Iftar dinner ceremony with the media late on Saturday.

He also said: “The Supreme Leader underscored that one of the big achievements of the 11th government is establishing peace in the society and economy and this should not be harmed”.

On the opportunities provided by the JCPOA, he said: “If we do not use this opportunity in different fields, no benefit will be achieved”.

“The 11th government is a non-partisan government. If a government belongs to a party, without a doubt various newspapers and associations will support it but if it wants to act non-partisan, things will be difficult,” continued Rouhani.

He then referred to Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) corporation’s role in introducing the government’s measures and said that its current conditions are a bit different from before.

“If the government is people’s choice and it is moving towards national goals, therefore, supporting it means supporting people and, on the other side, if criticising the government follows a certain framework and is in line with people’s interests, it is both fruitful and necessary,” added the President.

Describing ay weakness in relations between the government and the media, he said: “Filling the gaps and bolstering relations between the government and the media is necessary”.

“Today the world needs to hear logic from the Islamic Republic of Iran and we should have our say and present our logic to the region and the world against enemies and our competitors through strengthening the role and position of our media”.

“Public opinion is very important and it is the role of media to adapt the public opinion to the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” added Rouhani.

Stressing that “our society is Islamic and we are proud our Islam” Dr Rouhani said: “The effects of this Islam and Islamic manners should be felt throughout all our media”.

He also referred to the freedom of the press, media and pen and said “Of course, in doing this, there are flaws and drawbacks that should be removed”.

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