Media bolster hope in society/Post-JCPOA should be used for prosperity, employment/Implementing Resistive Economy policies the main goal

I hope that the government and the parliament can work alongside each other with more harmony to solve the issues of the people, said President Rouhani on Wednesday after the meeting of heads of the 3 branches.

Wed 15 - June 2016 - 16:17

He also referred to post-JCPOA era and said: “We should make the best use of this atmosphere to create prosperity and jobs”.

“The heads of the three branches demand that the media bolster hope and exhilaration in the society day by day”.

Stressing Action and Deed for implementation of the policies of Resistive Economy, he said: “As the Supreme Leader of the Revolution has said, country’s authority depends on its economic and scientific authority, providing opportunities for the youth to make the best use of their science, knowledge and technology”.

“According to the law, a framework for new contracts has been approved by the government that was criticised by some experts. Therefore, the government will consider the comments and correct the framework to present it to the parliament once again,” added the president.

He also said that the heads of the three branches also discussed the “Sixth Five-Year Plan” and added: “This plan has been submitted to the previous parliament before, in the form of a bill but the parliament’s term ended and today, the same bill is underscored by the government”.

At the meeting, we also discussed the region’s critical issues, said the President, adding: “The region is not in a favourable and desirable condition; while we are hoping that Ramadan month be a safe month for the people of Iraq, Syria and Yemen, unfortunately we are witnessing that the killings are carrying on and terrorists are continuing their inhumane measures and actions”.

Referring to UN chief’s announcement that Saudi Arabia’s name has been removed from human rights report under undue financial pressure, Dr Rouhani said: “This issue indicates that, unfortunately, international organisations have lost the even flawed position they used to have”.

The solution to these issues is that the nations can protect and use their independence, security and stability, said Rouhani, adding: “As their neighbour, the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue its supports and helps based on their appeal and request for help”.

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