We need unity, resistance to achieve goals/Employment the most important issue in the country/Presenting a report on gov’t achievements

The government put controlling and harnessing inflation in its priority list and we could reduce inflation from 40.1% in 1392 to 11.9% in the end of 1394 and we will achieve a single-digit inflation rate by the next month, said President Rouhani at a meeting with the Supreme Leader.

Wed 15 - June 2016 - 08:20

“From 1392 to 1394 agricultural production rose to 112 million tons from 97 million tons,” added the President late on Tuesday, referring to measures taken by the government in agriculture.

Regarding controlling foreign exchange market, economic growth and curbing inflation as another achievement of the government, he continued: “In the field of food reserves of strategic products such as wheat and rice, reserves in 1394 has tripled, comparing to 1392”.

He also referred to advancements in oil industry and said: “Phases 12, 15, 16 and 17 of South Pars have been launched and 3 to 4 other phases will be inaugurated by the end of the current year”.

“Gas production has risen to 150 million cubic metres per year,” continued Dr Rouhani.

On developments in railway, he also said that 475 kilometres has been added to the railway and there are plans for another 700 kilometre.

Dr Rouhani also gave a report on foreign trade activities and said: “Last year, for the first time in 60 years, non-oil exports of the country outpaced oil exports”.

“The mean trade balance of the country in the last 8 years was -$25 billion but for the first time in history, this balance has been turned positive,” continued Rouhani.

Referring to nuclear negotiations, he said: “In these negotiations, we reserved Iranian nation’s rights and the unjust sanctions were abolished”.

On the first result of the lift of sanctions, President Rouhani said: “We have nearly reached the pre-sanctions conditions in this regard”.

He also said that production of condensates has risen from 370 thousand barrels to 390 in the recent months.

Referring to unemployment is the most important issue of the country and said: “One of the government’s achievements is that it could create over 1.3 million jobs.

“Without a new market, we cannot achieve a favourable economic growth and to do so, we need to search for new domestic and foreign markets, as well as foreign investment”.

Today, we need unity and resistance to achieve our goals, said the President, adding: “Last year, the headquarters of the Resistive Economy was formed on the Supreme Leader’s order and this headquarters has convened 19 times and put 110 plans on priority”.

He also stressed that people’s trust should not be undermined and added: “If a handful of people have received higher salaries, we should not make a national issue out of it and the government is open to criticism”.

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