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President at a breaking-fast meal ceremony with women activists:

Gov’t doing its utmost for realisation of women’s rights/Presenting a socially-active model of Muslim women, Iranian women’s great mission

The government considers it women’s rights to provide them with opportunities for social, political and economic activities and will stand by them using all its power, said President Rouhani at a breaking-fast meal ceremony with women and family activists.

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Mon 13 - June 2016 - 23:12

“Today, a great mission of the Iranian women is presenting a socially-active model of Muslim women and Iranian women can do this perfectly,” said the President late on Monday.

He added: “Today, women should participate more in the development process of the country and advancing the policies of Resistive Economy,” stressing that economic development of a country is not possible without women’s help.

Appreciating women for participating actively in the last presidential and the latest parliamentary elections, he said: “Women of our society will continue along their path to stand up for their rights”.

“Our women are contributing to further development of the society and despite what some narrow-minded people think, women are not problems of the society,” continued Dr Rouhani.

Slamming ideas that women should either play their role as mothers or participate in the society, he said: “We have no such ideas in Islam; in Islam, women and men are equal in playing roles”.

He also referred to one of his promises during his presidential campaign and said: “one of my promises was moderation and one of the meanings of moderation is social justice among men and women of our society”.

“What we have in Islam is meritocracy and to reach this, there is not difference between men and women,” continued President Rouhani.

news id: 93966

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