Before JCPOA, every day we had a new sanction; after JCPOA, we have an opening/People’s satisfaction should be a top priority for councils/Councils’ success depends on bolstering public support

All people and authorities should tap the opportunities and openings that have arisen after JCPOA to advance the lofty goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said President Rouhani while addressing the members of the supreme councils of the country.

Wed 08 - June 2016 - 23:00

“Before JCPOA, people were facing a new sanction every day but now after the JCPOA, there is a new opening and this is thankworthy,” continued Dr Rouhani on late on Wednesday.

“All efforts should be directed towards boosting country’s development, progress and honour,” said Rouhani, adding: “People’s satisfaction and responding to their demands should be a top priority for all councils”.

He continued: “Councils should tap the extensive communication facilities of the new century to bolster their public support and use their opinions, especially those of the young generation”.

“In the previous governments, there were councils that were not formed but fortunately, in the eleventh government, all of these councils have been activated,” said the President.

Stressing that various cultural, social, scientific, economic and technological issues are connected with each other, he said: “For instance, there is no security issue without a cultural issue involved with it”.

“Political, economic, cultural and defensive powers form national power together,” added Dr Rouhani.

A number of officials of different supreme councils also delivered speeches.

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