Short-, mid-, long-term plans for solving air pollution

The cabinet reviewed a report by the department of executive affairs of the president on plans to reduce air pollution in metropolises and approved short-, mid- and long-term plans for solving air pollution in major cities at a session that was held on Wednesday, chaired by Dr Rouhani.

Wed 08 - June 2016 - 15:52

In the report that was presented to the cabinet, it was stressed that there is a serious need to confront pollutants that are produced by moving sources through renovation of public transportation fleet.

In the same vein, the Central Bank was required to allocate roughly $640 million in banking facilities with interest rate of 22% for renovation of the public transportation fleet in metropolises.

The Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade is required to follow up and execute the signed contracts between automakers and banks.

The Council of Ministers also required the Management and Planning Organisation and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance (Customs Department) to prepare the prerequisites of the plan.

The cabinet also discussed and approved the administrative regulations for the budget act of the current year.

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