To realise Resistive Economy goals, we need to promote hope, unity, public effort/Morality, Islamic manner prerequisite to being revolutionary

To realise the goals of Resistive Economy fast, we all need to promote the spirit of hope, unity and public effort, said President Rouhani at the regular weekly cabinet session on Wednesday.

Wed 08 - June 2016 - 11:53

“Unfortunately, some media are only fostering high expectations in the society and weaken the role of public effort and hope of future when they talk about Resistive Economy, and that is against the principles of Resistive economy,” continued the President.

Congratulating the advent of Ramadan month, he also said that “God’s blessings will be achieved only through attempt, public effort, unity and empathy, along with God’s favour and attention”.

Stating that morality and Islamic manner are prerequisite to being revolutionary, he said: “We should pay attention to moral principles because Islam is the religion of morality”.

“Ramadan is the month of Islamic nations’ victory over blasphemy, terrorism and violence and I hope that all Islamic countries prevail over Zionism, terrorists and violence and extremism in all fields and Muslims live in stability and security all over the world,” he added.

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