Swift, serious change in growing environmental degradation a must/Iran ready to have new role in preserving environment

Calling on everybody to help preserve Iran and global environment, President Rouhani vowed that the 11th government, as the “government of environment”, will do whatever it can to preserve the environment.

Sun 05 - June 2016 - 16:11

In his message, Dr Rouhani wrote: “God created the Earth and put it a cradle for humanity; a secure place for humanity to live on and benefit from it. But greed and failing to keep the promise has put human’s cradle in danger”.

Describing “population growth, expansion of developmental activities and indiscriminate use” as factors contributing to environmental degradation and wrote: “This has stimulated a high political resolve to confront trends of global warming, Ozone depletion, loss of plant and animal diversity, chemical contamination of air, water and soil”.

“The proud Iran, relying on its ancient civilization and Islamic culture, can play a new role in the serious global and regional conditions with a government that has put preserving the environment on its agenda,” continued Rouhani in his message.

He wrote: “The eleventh government has taken steps in preserving the nature and has relied on national plans and social and scientific views to restore Urmia Lake and a number of wetlands, reduce air pollution and take measures in preserving biodiversity and attract people’s extensive cooperation for saving the nature”.

“In recent years, a dreadful image of the future of the world as humans’ only cradle has caused the global community, governments, nations, organisations, institutions and everybody to feel alarmed and resort to collective effort in the remaining time,” added the President.

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