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President Rouhani addressing people in Mahabad:

No religion has advantage over another in Iran; all are colourful flowers of Iran/We seek friendly, constructive relations with our neighbours

“In the Islamic Republic, followers of no religion and ethnicity have advantages and concessions over other ones and all are Iran’s colourful flowers,” said President Rouhani while addressing the people in Mahabad, West Azerbaijan.

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Tue 31 - May 2016 - 12:02

“We have only one Constitution, one authoritative leader and one government and progress is possible merely through unity,” continued Dr Rouhani on Tuesday.

“Enemies should come and see that Islamic Republic is determined to industrialise western and Kurdish areas,” he added.

All ethnicities’ mother tongue are respectable, especially Kurdish, said Rouhani, adding: “I do not accept ethnic discrimination”.

He added: “Iran and Kurdistan’s current security and vitality in a highly chaotic region has been brought by the Islamic Republic”.

“We seek friendly and constructive relations with our neighbours,” stressed the President.

“Government considers it a duty to establishing amicable ties with all countries that are not seeking hostility”.

Stating that “we pulled down the wall of sanctions with your votes and empathy”, he said: “I have told all provincial officials that necessary ground for boosting tourism in West Azerbaijan should be set”.

“We announce to the world that to establish security, there is no way other than moderation and development,” continued the President.

He continued: “When Erbil, Baghdad and Damascus were on the brink of falling, the Iranian nation responded to their calls”.

news id: 93838

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