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President at a meeting with clerics, veterans and elites of W. Azerbaijan:

Rift among branches, pillars of the country illusion; Supreme Leader the axis of unity/Unity, empathy among ethnicities, branches of Islam in W. Azerbaijan the symbol of people’s same origin/Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist the haven of unity, guidance during the hardest times

Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist was and is the haven of unity and guidance during the hardest times, said President Rouhani at a meeting with clerics, veterans and elites of West Azerbaijan on Monday.

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Mon 30 - May 2016 - 18:27

“Rifts among branches and pillars of the country is an illusion and the Supreme Leader the axis of unity,” continued Rouhani.

“Imam Khomeini’s (RA) lifestyle showed the way to independence and freedom and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution continued along the path competently,” continued the President.

Mentioning that West Azerbaijan is the model of unity in the Islamic Iran, he added: “All ethnicities and religions were obedient to the Supreme Leader during the war and peace”.

On Saudi Arabia’s obstructions in the path of Iranian pilgrims’ Hajj, he said: “Childish methods of those who claim to be custodians of the Two Sanctuaries in blocking the way to God and Hajj pilgrimage and promoting instability in the region is satisfying the Zionist Regime’s wishes”.

He also said that great scholars, women and educated elites of this province have been guardians of Islam and Iran and added: “During the Sacred Defence era, dignitaries, commanders and high-ranking martyrs such as the Bakeris, the Kharrazis and the Hemmats rose from this land and excelled in defending Iran and the people are grateful of veterans”.

“Iran’s dignity, integrity and security is beholden to late Imam’s leadership during the Islamic movement,” added the President.

He continued: “Swift election of a qualified successor to the late Imam was a historic task carried out by the Assembly of Experts”.

The politics arena has extensive sophistications, added Rouhani, saying: “We demonstrated a remarkable skill in the nuclear negotiations by choosing the best for this purpose”.

He continued: “Today is the day of stepping in for better use of opportunities and solving economic and employment issues”.

news id: 93812

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