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President at a meeting with IRIB head:

IRIB’s heavy responsibility deepening trust/IRIB’s success in establishing unity during Sacred Defence not forgettable/Media’s criticism desirable but dishonouring, fostering division undesirable

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting has a heavy responsibility in deepening trust and bolstering interaction between people and the political system, said Dr Rouhani at a meeting with the new Head of IRIB.

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Sun 29 - May 2016 - 08:30

 “The late Imam and the Supreme Leader’s lifestyles demonstrate that, from a macro perspective, the IRIB is required to explain the services of the government’s to the society,” continued Dr Rouhani late on Saturday.

Stating that the government is determined to help IRIB in carrying out its significant roles, he said: “The government both recognises IRIB’s organisational and professional independence and calls for serious monitoring of the organisation by the three branches of the system, based on article 175 of the Constitution”.

“Criticising and constructive approach is the inherent and desirable responsibility of the public media, and especially the IRIB, but what is undesirable, is dishonouring, insulting, satirising and promoting lies”.

He added: “Any kind of factional activities is unacceptable in the IRIB, the nature of which is national and non-partisan”.

“We all should be careful not to fan polarisation in the society, despite the Supreme Leader’s opinion and we should be aware that fostering division is a conspiracy by the enemies,” added Dr Rouhani.

He continued: “I do not favour that the IRIB function as the public relations department of the government or praise the executive branch but we should be careful not to turn people’s hope into despair”.

During the meeting, the new IRIB Chief Dr Abdulali Ali-Asgari said: “Regarding Supreme Leader’s opinion, IRIB considers supporting the government as its organisational responsibility, as it considers undermining the government persecuting the people”.

news id: 93757

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