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Iran, Afghanistan and India heads of state during signing of Chabahar agreement:

Message of Chabahar agreement; joint cooperation, belief, using regional opportunities for development

The Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan and the Prime Minister of India referred to the strategic significance of the Chabahar trilateral agreement and described its message as joint cooperation, belief and using regional opportunities for the development, security and stability of the region.

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Mon 23 - May 2016 - 19:32

During the ceremony that was held on Monday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani said: “Today, this message is transferred to the region and the world form the side of Tehran, New Delhi and Kabul that progress and development of the countries of the region will gain momentum through joint cooperation and using regional opportunities”.

He added: “The symbol of this trilateral cooperation is the word ‘Chabahar’, a spring for the three countries, and by joint investment and activity, we can connect India to Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Caucasus through a safe path”.

Stating that the agreement sends a message to the entrepreneurs of the three countries that they can regulate their plans based on this new international route, he said: “This document is not just an economic document, but rather a political and regional document and its message is that the countries of the region should use the regional opportunities for the region”.

“In this trilateral agreement, there is room for other countries of the region and they can join the document in the future,” he continued.

President Rouhani added: “This agreement is not only against any country, but also beneficial to the peace and stability of the region”.

During the same ceremony, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said: “Today the world is witnessing a historic event not only for the three countries, but also for the nations of the region”.

At the same meeting that President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani also took part, he said: “Some countries in the region export terrorism and our three countries’ export is belief, joint cooperation and using regional opportunities for people’s welfare and stability for the region”.

news id: 93697

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