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Iran, Afghanistan and India heads of state stress;

Chabahar trilateral transit agreement a great development in regional ties/Iran announced permanent secretariat of the agreement

The Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan and the Prime Minister of India described signing of Chabahar trilateral transit agreement as an agreement contributing to development in cooperation and joint ventures of the three countries, as well as a great development in regional ties.

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Mon 23 - May 2016 - 18:47


During the meeting that was held on Monday in Tehran, the three heads of state stressed the need to develop Tehran-Kabul-New Delhi ties to strengthen peace, security and stability in the region.

Dr Rouhani said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to develop its ties and cooperation with its neighbours, especially India and Afghanistan and use the post-sanctions era and the new atmosphere to the benefit of the nations of the region”.

“We need joint initiatives in the region and today’s trilateral transit agreement of Chabahar is one of the bases for good cooperation in the region and for the three countries,” added Rouhani.

He continued: “Although Iran, India and Afghanistan’s initiative in signing the trilateral transit agreement is an economic initiative, it is a base for other cooperation and various sectors can tap this cooperation”.

Describing the agreement as a message based on friendship, unity and cooperation, Dr Rouhani said: “The trilateral transit agreement is not only a political decision, but also a regional consensus as a guarantee for cooperation and can demonstrate common resolve for development of ties and relations among the three countries”.

He added: “This initiative can have very good developments for the three countries, as well as other countries of the region”.

“In this initiative that is considered the development of Iran’s eastern region, draws India nearer to Chabahar and the three countries to the Caucasus and Eastern Europe and can provide better conditions for the entrepreneurs of the three countries,” continued President Rouhani.

He continued: “Chabahar has the potential to be the contact point for the countries of the region and other countries can take part in the project in terms of different credit and technological dimensions”.

Dr Rouhani added: “The message of the agreement to the world is that we are united for joint cooperation on a constructive path”.

During the same meeting, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said: “Today is a very important day in the history of the three countries because this agreement is not just an agreement on a paper, but rather will be put into action with full resolve of the three countries”.

Stating that India is fully determined to fully implement this agreement, he said: “The progress of the project should be monitored carefully by ministers, and any kind of possible obstacles should be removed as soon as possible”.

At the same meeting that President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani took part, he said: “This projects is a base for a great development, not only for the three countries, but also for the whole region”.

He also underlined that Afghanistan welcomes development of joint port and transit cooperation between the three countries and added: “Private and public sectors of Afghanistan are ready to make any kind of investment in Chabahar region”.

news id: 93694

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