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President at a meeting with Iranian ambassadors to other countries:

Iran a trusted partner to int’l community/Eliminating unemployment the top economic priority/Expressing facts, Iran’s bright future foreign ministry mission/JCPOA should be used for swift execution of EoR policies

President Rouhani defined JCPOA as only a part of government’s foreign policy in constructive interaction with the world and an opportunity for development in the field of economic prosperity in the country and stressed effort on the side of ambassadors and authorities of Iranian foreign missions in other countries.

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Sun 15 - May 2016 - 20:00

“The Islamic Republic of Iran could discuss the nuclear issue with world powers for months and ended the negotiation respectfully,” said Dr Rouhani, speaking in the conference of ‘JCPOA and Economy of Resistance; Opportunities and Capacities’ that was held on Sunday.

Stating that “in the field of foreign policy, there is no ‘all or nothing’ approach”, he added: “Cancellation of false claims and unjust sanctions was a big political and legal victory”.

President Rouhani also said: “Constructive interaction was shaped in opposition with Iranophobia and is still continuing,” and added: “Today the world acknowledges that Iran’s nuclear activities are in accordance with international regulations and resolutions and are being carried out in authorised nuclear centres”.

“Prosperity and durability of an inward economy depends on its competitiveness,” added Rouhani, continuing: “An economy without the ability to compete in global stages cannot resolve its internal issues and if we cannot compete with the world in terms of quantity and quality, we will not be successful”.

President Rouhani also said that “Elimination of unemployment and youth employment is the most important priority in the economic programs”.

He added: “The government was facing stagnation, inflation and unemployment from its first day in office and could take good steps in reducing the inflation rate to single digit and decrease stagnation”.

Stating that “We need a momentum for economic prosperity; JCPOA was an opportunity in this regard,” Dr Rouhani said: “Iranian ambassadors should introduce and explain the capacities and opportunities of the country to foreign investors”.

Rouhani also said that today there is a good harmony and empathy among the branches of the political system and that Iran is enjoying full security and peace because of the Supreme Leader’s guidance and supervision and added: “Holding peaceful and successful elections is the indicator of harmony between branches under the Supreme Leader’s guidance”.

“Iran is the trusted partner for the international community,” added the President, saying: “Iran has never misused the uneasy and insecure conditions of its neighbours and has constantly helped the countries and nations of the region”.

Stressing that Iran should strengthen its interaction with the world and added: “Better introduction of capacities and opportunities of the country and connecting private sectors is an important mission for the ambassadors”.

news id: 93509

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