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President at a press conference in Kerman:

$2 billion seizure review process to be published/U.S. action against int’l law/Kerman’s sustainable development process to gain momentum

Referring to the execution and launching of plans worth roughly $4 billion in Kerman province, Dr Rouhani expressed hope that the process of sustainable development in Kerman gain momentum.

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Wed 11 - May 2016 - 13:52

In the press conference that was held on Wednesday, President Rouhani said that 40 plans and projects have been finalised in this visit.

He also mentioned naming of the current Iranian year as the year of “Economy of Resistance; Action and Deed” by the Supreme Leader and said: “We all should try to present good figures about the works done for the advancement of plans regarding Economy of Resistance at the end of the year”.

On the seizure of $2 billion of Iran’s impounded assets by the U.S, he said: “Governments and central banks enjoy immunity. This means that a country’s court cannot sentence another country’s government or central bank and make decisions about it. After the Americans decided on the immunity of other countries such as Iran, the Central Bank was warned not to put our assets in U.S banks and not to purchase bonds in dollars”.

He referred to a court ruling in the U.S against the Iranian citizens and said: “At those years, it was clear that the American courts were trying to rely on that issue, which was of course illegitimate, to plunder our assets, but during the 9-month opportunity the Central Bank had and could withdraw all the money from American banks and sell the bonds, a major part of these bonds still remained there until in 1387 Court of Appeals rules the freezing of this money”.

“Of course, this issue has had other processes that the Central Bank was pursuing and of course, unfortunately, the U.S Congress intervenes, which is against the law in the U.S itself. This money becomes eventually seized by a court ruling,” added the President.

He added: “We need to do two things. We have formed a committee to pursue the issue and report to the President. The report will be published to the people and the case will be presented to the Judiciary”.

“Furthermore, we will prepare the needed bills to take the erroneous and unlawful act of the U.S court to international courts. Also, there is a convention between us and the U.S from year 1334 which can be a base for us in the international court,” continued Rouhani.

news id: 93485

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