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President at the conference of development and investment of Kerman province:

Private sector should be chiefly responsible for economy/Gov’t should be supporter, facilitator to private sector instead of competitor/Cutting ties with the world easy, restoring ties time-consuming

President Rouhani mentioned the opportunities before the Iranian nation and said: “In the past, we were waiting for water like a thirsty desert and today there is a spring before us and we should use this spring to develop the country in all fields”.

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Tue 10 - May 2016 - 20:40

During the conference that was held late on Tuesday in Kerman, Dr Rouhani said: “Year 1395 ended with all its hardships and hurdles that the opponents of the implementation of JCPOA created and this year we have great opportunities before us and the government and the private sector should use them”.

Stressing that the private sector should be chiefly responsible for economy, he said: “To invest, the economy should be predictable”.

Dr Rouhani also underlined that “the 3 branches’ empathy is a requirement for realisation of national goals,” and said: “The government is responsible for providing economic security and parliamentary election is very important in this regard”.

“Without a doubt, cutting ties with the world is easy but restoring ties is difficult and time-consuming,” continued Rouhani.

Stressing more responsibilities for the private sector, he said: “Government should be a supporter and facilitator to the private sector instead of being its competitor”.

“The 11th government has done the most investment on water and we are seeing the positive developments in this field day by day and we should do something to encourage the private sector enter the fields,” continued the President.

An important part of national security is economic security and investment, said Rouhani, adding: “Today, considering the favourable conditions in major economic sections of the country, as well as investment security and potentials, time is ripe for great developments throughout the country and Kerman province as well”.

news id: 93470

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