We will reach 5% growth with unity, cooperation/8-year defence proved faith, motivation victorious against weaponry/Iran’s security beholden to military, law-enforcement/We will make inflation single-digit in 1395

President Rouhani attended a meeting with the clerics, veterans and elites of Kerman province and stressed the need for using domestic production and capabilities for executing the policies of Economy of Resistance.

Tue 10 - May 2016 - 19:30

In this meeting that happened on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani said: “Kerman is the land of great heroes and intellectuals who have been remembered by the Iranian nation”.

Mentioning Iran’s resistance in the 8-year war, he said: “There is no doubt that during all ups and downs, including the Sacred Defence era, Imam Hussein’s (AS) sacrifice has been our guide”.

He added: “The 8-year defence proved that faith and motivation prevails against weaponry”.

Dr Rouhani also described following the way of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Imams as a source of respect in the world and the afterworld and said: “The Iranian nation have been victorious and proud whenever they have followed the path of Imam Hussein (AS)”.

On the recent election, President Rouhani said: “After the JCPOA, the Iranian nation marked another great honour with their glorious presence in the election and announced to the world that they will put aside problems and discords of the country at the ballot box”.

“Moral competition and abstaining from lies and slander is a matter of pride for us in the world,” continued Dr Rouhani, stressing that disagreements should be announced within the framework of Islamic morality.

A merely outward economy is a risk and being merely inward slows the progress, he said, continuing: “Being inward and looking at outside is one of the main features of Economy of Resistance policies”.

“What is noteworthy here, is that no economy can have the required pace to reach its desired point without having relations with the world,” added President Rouhani.

He also said: “I have not decided anything without consulting with experts because we cannot be successful without consulting and asking for the help of experts”.

He also referred to the government’s attempts regarding inflation and said that the inflation rate will be reduced to single-digit in 1395.

Appreciating First VP Dr Jahangiri, Rouhani said: “Dr Jahangiri is the powerful arm of the government and he has been carrying out most of the government’s affairs”.

Dr Rouhani said: “Iran’s security is beholden to the military and law-enforcement forces’ attempts”.

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