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President addressing the bumper crowd of people in Kerman:

People resisted for year, it’s time for consistency to solve their problems/General Soleimani’s bravery brings us authority, honour/We will take $2 billion case to int’l court/$3.5 billion FDI’s in last 4 months/We will heed Supreme Leader’s commands

Stressing that to build the free and prosperous Iran we need to unite, President Rouhani said: “After the election, it is time for unity and the parliament and government should attempt to solve people’s problems side by side”.

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Tue 10 - May 2016 - 12:43

While addressing the immense crowd of the people of Kerman on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani said: “The government will do its utmost to solve the problems of the country”.

He also said: “Kerman province has prominent figures, great clerics and warriors and a paradise of mines”.

“Martyr Bahonar was a man of manners, science and governance,” continued the President.

Adding that “Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani is Imam [Khomeini] and the Supreme Leader’s old friend and a prominent figure of Iran and Kerman,” he said: “He was the commander of the Sacred Defence era and he has made a lot of sacrifices in his lifetime”.

Referring to General Soleimani’s bravery as something that “brings us authority and honour” Dr Rouhani continued: “General Soleimani is another honour of Kerman province and the country”.

He also stated that “Imam Hussein (AS) was the forerunner of the human beings’ freedom” and added: “Imam Hussein (AS) has always been out guide during tough days and has taught us the path of Jihad”.

“Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution has always been a pioneering force of this nation for solving the crises of the country,” continued Rouhani, adding: “today the IRGC is responsible not only for the country’s security, but also for the security of the countries’ that need Iran’s help”.

President also said that “IRGC is making sacrifices to defend the holy shrines and help the oppressed” and added: “IRGC is a pioneer in defending the holy shrines in Iraq and Syria and the oppressed people in Palestine and Lebanon and other countries reaching out to Iran”.

Adding that "I am hopeful of the 10th Majlis" Dr Rouhani said: "We came round the important historical bends with people’s unity, the Supreme Leader’s guidance and the companionship among the branches that led us to JCPOA".

"As a great nation, we should be consider the situations. Punctuality, knowing time well and using and exploiting the terms of the time is an important issue for all nations," added the President.

He also said: “Acting in groups and factions and competing during the election creates good opportunities for the country and the nation…but after the competition is over, acting in factions, standing in front of each other and incorrect competition ends with it”.

“Iranophobia has no buyer anymore,” said the President, adding: “Yesterday, our enemies around the world could easily promote Iranophobia and speak with a threatening tone but today their seeking of pretext has decreased so much that their words are not influential among different societies and countries of the world”.

Dr Rouhani also said that nearly $3.5 billion in foreign direct investments have been made in last 4 months.

news id: 93447

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