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President at a meeting with MP-elects:

Resolving country’s issues depends on “joint strategy” of gov’t, Majlis/Inflation to drop single-digit in 1395/People expect gov’t, Majlis to be consistent for sustainable economic boost

President Rouhani partook in a joint meeting of the government members with the 10th Majlis MP-elects and said that the solution to the country’s issues depend on a “joint strategy” of the government and the parliament and stressed that people expect the government and the parliament to be consistent with each other to resolve the problems and realise sustainable economic boost.

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Sat 07 - May 2016 - 23:07

In this meeting that was held late on Saturday, Dr Rouhani said: “The common goal of the government and the Majlis is resolving the issues and people’s satisfaction and we should cooperate and be consistent with each other to accelerate the process of solving the issues and realise sustainable economic boost”.

Stressing “I am very hopeful of the 10th Majlis”, he said: “People’s expectations from the parliament and the government are clear. People want consistency and empathy among all, especially between the executive and legislative branches to solve the main issues of the country”.

The President went on equalising the message of the latest parliamentary election with the 2013 presidential election and said: “The people indicated in the [parliamentary] election that they still believe in and follow moderation and prudence to reach the lofty goals of the country and the Islamic Revolution”.

“The 10th parliamentary election has made the burden on our shoulders heavier; people’s votes and wishes is a key principle and we all should carry out the tasks through consultation,” added Rouhani.

He also stated that the constitution is the main criterion for the branches’ position, function and interaction.

He continued: “Establishing Iranian nation’s nuclear rights and lift of sanctions were great jobs, which the government put in its priority list and finally the nuclear tights of the country were established by the Supreme Leader’s guidance and the support from branches and people”.

“We will reclaim our position in oil export to the status we had before the sanctions,” he added.

President Rouhani also continued: “Virtually all of our provinces are hit by the water shortage crisis and we have done a lot to handle the issue and this process will continue with the same pace”.

On government plans to drop the inflation rate to a single-digit figure in year 1395, Rouhani said: “The important point is that it has been the first time in the history of the country’s economy that the drop in inflation rate has been steady and decreasing”.

He also said: “Improving the business atmosphere in the country and creating and enforcing economic and legal security practically starts from the parliament by approving strong, clear and more predictable laws”.

Dr Rouhani went on referring to 18 women winning seats in the parliament and describing it as a record and congratulated all women about it.

Dr Aref: Majlis should feel a partner to the government for the country’s progress and development

During the same meeting, Dr Mohammad Reza Aref, who won the highest votes in Tehran constituency, thanked people for their massive turnout in the latest parliamentary election and the Supreme Leader’s guidance and said: “The government’s attempts and efforts in holding a glorious and secure election resulted in people’s warm and valuable turnout in a calm atmosphere”.

He also stressed unity, empathy and coordination in the country as a need and said: “Today the Muslim World is plagued by extremism and in the current conditions of the region, we are proud that we are living in a country with full security which is a pioneer in development”.

“Majlis should consider itself as a partner to the government in the country’s development and progress and should, at the same time, use its legal authorities in the path of this development,” continued Dr Aref.

He said: “The 10th Majlis is being formed in conditions that people have chosen the rule of Prudence and Hope in the country and we are responsible to follow them as the people’s representatives and pursue their opinions and votes”.

Dr Larijani: JCPOA is a bright stage and has created new opportunities for the country

The current Speaker of the Parliament Dr Ali Larijani, who attended the meeting, also thanked the President and the Council of Ministers for their active presence at the meeting, and said: “We should make the best use of the good economic capacities, young and dexterous work force, security and the suitable geographical position of the country”.

He also stressed the need for “vast and accurate investment, using advanced sciences and technologies and organized and effective role in regional issues” for achieving development process in the country.

news id: 93408

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