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President during a meeting with Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement:

Iran always a supporter of oppressed Palestinian people/We should try to enlighten public opinions of Muslim youths on Palestine

“The issue of Palestine is very important to us and the Islamic Republic of Iran will always stand by the Palestinian people and resistance,” said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Secretary General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement.

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Thu 05 - May 2016 - 16:13

During the meeting with Ramadan Abdullah that was held on Thursday, Dr Rouhani said: “The enemies and world powers thought that the Palestinian issue will be forgotten for good and they can determine the future of this country’s people but today the Palestinian people has been able to prevail over their goal through resistance”.

He added: “The oppressed Palestinian people’s resistance sent a message to the world that no aggressor can to achieve permanent interests through occupation”.

“The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement has passed its test proudly so far,” continued Rouhani.

He added: “Fortunately, with Palestinian people and resistance groups’ resistance, the enemies have failed in achieving their goals”.

On the importance of enlightening public opinions about the Palestinian people’s resistance, Dr Rouhani said: “Public opinions of the Muslim World should be guided towards the truth that the Palestinian issues is the most important issue in the Muslim World”.

During the same meeting, Ramadan Abdullah also appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support of Palestine, and said: “Powerful continuation of principles which the Islamic Revolution in Iran was based on, shows Iran’s great power and position in the world”.

news id: 93388

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