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President at a meeting with the Supreme Leader:

Iran’s ultimate ideal to make peace be realised across region, world/We will continue supporting oppressed with Supreme Leader’s guidance/U.S, Zionism responsible for crimes in the region

President Rouhani described realisation of peace throughout the region and the world as the ultimate role of the Islamic Republic of Iran and said: “We are honoured to continue supporting the oppressed people with the Supreme Leader’s guidance”.

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Thu 05 - May 2016 - 16:08

“Supporting and defending the oppressed is true justice and fairness,” said the President at a meeting with the Supreme Leader on the advent of the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation.

He added: “The main root cause of terror and instability are those who have created the illegitimate, usurper regime in the region and are supporting it and have continued their actions by attacking Afghanistan, Iraq and other Islamic countries”.

Dr Rouhani pose the question: “Aren’t the U.S and Zionism the top perpetrators of the crimes in the region?”

“Faith and Jihad are our principles and all Muslims should refer to the Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and listen to the Prophet Muhammad’s divine voice,” continued the President.

Dr Rouhani also congratulated Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation and stressed: “Even if those who are trying to promote Islamophobia in the world, look at Islam’s justice and utopia once, they will understand that the Islam that always tries to serve the humans, cannot advocate terrorism, killing people and violence”.

news id: 93387

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