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President at a ceremony celebrating national Teacher’s Day:

Investing in and bolstering education, the way to sustainable development/Foreign language education should be diverse, qualitative/JCPOA develops hope in our youths

Celebrating national Teacher’s Day at a ceremony, Dr Rouhani said that investment in and strengthening the education system paves the way to sustainable and balanced development and added: “If we wish our culture to grow, the culture budget should be spent on education”.

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Wed 04 - May 2016 - 11:49

“We all should do our utmost for the development of the country and this development definitely begins from the education system,” said the President at the ceremony which was held on Wednesday.

Mentioning that the government has doubled the education system’s budget, Dr Rouhani said: “The way to development of the country is through educated and motivated teachers who love the country and its future”.

Commemorating martyr Morteza Motahari, he added: “Allameh Motahari was truly a jurist, brave, free, thoughtful, and fully aware and a great asset for our country and even today his works are great assets”.

The President also stated that martyr Motahari considered “Revolutionary Islam” as a great threat to “the Islamic Revolution” and added: “Today we are in need of explaining the dimensions of Islamic culture and the Islamic Revolution and martyr Motahari’s works and books are the greatest reference”.

“Martyr Motahari used to understand people’s pains and their cures and the followers of ‘Revolutionary Islam’ martyred him,” continued Rouhani.

On the importance of diversity of teaching foreign languages at schools throughout the country, Dr Rouhani added: “Teaching foreign languages should become diversified and qualitative and we should learn any language that promotes knowledge in the country more deeply”.

“For the country’s future, there is nothing more important than hope in the young generation; if this hope is damaged, we cannot achieve development and progress and one of the important effects of JCPOA is developing hope in our youths,” the President continued.

news id: 93377

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