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President in a ceremony marking Labour Day:

Gov’t strongly supports labourers/Iranian companies increase competition capabilities against major global companies/JCPOA result of a great nation’s resolve

“The labourers of the country should continue their attempts to build the Islamic Iran unitedly and hopeful of a bright future, ignoring disappointing remarks,” said President Rouhani while delivering his speech in a ceremony marking Labour Day.

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Sun 01 - May 2016 - 13:04

In this ceremony that was held on Sunday, Dr Rouhani congratulated Labour Day to all the labourers of the country and said: “In the JCPOA era, the path to foreign investment and increase in production has been paved and today we need to work and produce -two things that are not possible without capital and technology”.

Describing MAPNA Group as a national pride, he said: “Today MAPNA has overhauled enormous and major companies such as Mitsubishi and Hitachi and is competing with companies like GE and Siemens and this is considered as a knowledge-based competition and activity”.

“The people of Iran are proud of the electricity and train, power station and locomotives of which have been built by Iranian labourers,” continued Rouhani.

On the necessity of increasing competition capabilities of businesses, he also said: “Iranian companies should increase their competition capabilities against major global companies and if we want to increase our economic income and wealth and consequently improve the conditions of the labourers, we should move towards knowledge-based economy”.

“Just as there should be competition in economy, conditions should be set for the labourers to have the power of choice in choosing their jobs,” continued the President.

Dr Rouhani also stated that the future of the economy should be promising and inflation have a downward trend.

During this government’s term of office, the labourers and employees’ salaries have been higher than the inflation rate, added Dr Rouhani.

He also referred to heads of other countries’ trips to Iran, accompanied by big economic and trade delegations in recent months and said: “During the visit by the President of Kazakhstan, over 56 documents of cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries were signed and the President of Sough Koreas is going to pay a visit to Iran with a great number of representatives from companies of the country”.

“We should continue this trend until Iranian labourers are able to create CT scan and MRI devices needed in the hospitals,” added the President.

He continued: “I am honoured that during my school days when I was a teenager I used to work as a labourer”.

On the occasion of the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) first revelation, he said: “The Holy Prophet (PBUH) taught us that working is not bad, but rather it is a man’s pride”.

Congratulating Teacher’s Day to all the teachers of the country, President Rouhani said: “I congratulate Teacher’s Day to all teachers and Iranians; we owe a lot to teachers and they have taught us the way of living and religion”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the latest run-off parliamentary election and said: “People chose the best people in the election and we are happy that the next Majlis will be more coordinated with the government”.

“For the first time, 18 women have entered the parliament and this is a record and we are happy that our dear women are taking part in all stages, especially in politics,” added Rouhani.

On the efforts by the Iranian diplomats in removing the obstacles on the way of Iranian nation’s excellence, he addressed the “pessimists” and said: “Why are you belittling a great nation’s efforts? This great task has not been done by the government, but rather by a great nation which is powerful and resistant, done by the Supreme Leader’s guidance”.

news id: 93259

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