Islamic Councils powerful arms of the system, government/People want us to solve problems, rather than political disputes/Authorities should apologise for mistakes/Stressing people’s attendance in the election

President Rouhani described the urban and rural Islamic Councils as the powerful arms of the system and the government and said: “Democracy is one of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s great honours

Thu 28 - April 2016 - 14:51

People’s presence and attendance in the election means that consultation is important in all areas because if somebody does not listen to others’ ideas, will fail,” said President Rouhani in the conference of Urban and Rural Islamic Councils on Thursday.He said that all should abide by the laws, the Constitution and the regulations which have been approved by the country.
Dr Rouhani also referred to the second round of the parliamentary elections and said: “People will rush to the ballot boxes with serious resolve”.
Stressing consultation to solve the problems of the country, he added: “People want us to solve problems, rather than having political, factional and partisan disputes”.
“Today our metropolises are facing a lot of issues and crises such as air pollution, environment degradation and water shortage and we cannot solve these problems without planning, investment and people’s cooperation,” continued Dr Rouhani.
President also underlined that people should be informed about the issues of the country and said: “Information should be provided to people clearly and precisely and if the authorities make mistakes, they should explain it to people and apologise to them”.
He also referred to the distribution of $2 billion of Iran’s frozen assets by the U.S. and said: “The U.S. is continuing to maintain its arrogant temper and the nations of the world should resist and fight for years to be able to correct it”.
Dr Rouhani also stated that “the U.S. will definitely be held responsible for its illegal acts and the government of Iran will pursue the case until a result is achieved” and added: “We should pay attention about who put $2 billion in a place where Americans are now encroaching it; this question should be answered that why no action has been taken despite the warnings issued in 2007 and 2008”.
“The government has assigned a workgroup to probe into all of these issues and we have tasked them to clearly inform the people about the results of the investigations,” continued the President.

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